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About Deviant Artist Flight is freedomFemale/United States Group :icontouchedwithfire: TouchedWithFire
Madness is inspiring..
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Worlds Beneath
I woke up, drenched in salt water, with the memory of a strange dream flowing through my mind in waves …
It began simply enough. The first thing I saw was the cover of a National Geographic magazine, with a splashy picture of a celebrity couple on a yacht looking relaxed and carefree. I remember thinking that it seemed more like a picture for the cover of People magazine than National Geographic, but I opened up the magazine anyway and …
Suddenly I become Kate Smith, the tall, smiling, dark-haired model with her handsome boyfriend on her arm, standing aboard the yacht, wind in my hair, the feeling of the ocean moving the deck beneath my feet. I am living the interview with the reporter who stands beside us and my life dances across the pages of the National Geographic magazine in my hands. Pictures of artistic, bohemian clothes I had modeled, my past achievements, etc. It is all there in brilliant colors and descriptions.
The reporter asks about a large, oval sapphir
:iconsongs-of-flight:songs-of-flight 0 1
Summer Night
Hundreds of fireflies
Fill the air around us
Rising on the perfumed air
Of a gentle summer night
My eyes wide, like a child
When I look at You
The beauty of Your nature
Surrounds me
As I gaze into Your ageless eyes
Discovering Your heart
In the symphony of the cricket’s song
I feel Your love
In the soft wind
That caresses my cheek
You’ve crowned me with stars
And stars are scattered
Across the gown of white I wear
As we dance, timeless
:iconsongs-of-flight:songs-of-flight 4 0
My Legs, Unbeautifully Beautiful
Roads and streets
In pinks, purples, and blues
Traverse my legs
A road map in spider veins
The journey of my life is written
In every step I’ve taken
Lightning splits the sky
Shining, forked, bold
Some people call them stretch marks
But I just know this
beautifully “unbeautiful” surface as
“my skin”
:iconsongs-of-flight:songs-of-flight 13 0
Beautiful Monster
Beautiful monster
Can anyone really see me?
Or are the lines on my skin …
Bars that conceal me
Like some sort of prison?
Will my soul be seen?
Because my soul is beautiful inside …
Just like yours is
I’m really just like you
I’m a beautiful monster
I just want to be loved
Just like everyone else
I want to be
:iconsongs-of-flight:songs-of-flight 10 0
Faceless Soul
the southern oracle
her face crumbles
as time and disbelief
eat her away
the blue light fades
and she is gone
:iconsongs-of-flight:songs-of-flight 0 1
a tiny shell
looks up at you
from the sand
you pick it up
and hold it in your hand
inside, sounds beckon you
the roar of a thousand seas
the intoxicating heart-fire
that made men seek new horizons
across miles of the unknown
the silence of the life
the shell once contained
is also inside
what will you hear?
:iconsongs-of-flight:songs-of-flight 1 2
A Vision Of White
there's a woman
standing on that stage
in white, in hope
I see her in my mind
a fleeting glimpse of
who I could be
I envy her
visions swirl in my head
in my memory of when I saw
a future that could be
:iconsongs-of-flight:songs-of-flight 0 1
there's a wall
too high for me
I almost see
what is beyond it
it's so bright there
I almost see
where I can be
:iconsongs-of-flight:songs-of-flight 1 0
this blind sight
I stumble forward
I cannot see
I wish
I hope
for what could be
:iconsongs-of-flight:songs-of-flight 1 1
there's a slow
winding down inside
my hands reach up
I am falling
I am sliding
It's so easy
to keep on hiding
:iconsongs-of-flight:songs-of-flight 1 0
I might stand
as a shell
I might be
a hollow
full of the poison
you filled me with
but I WILL
look you in the eye, my foe!
I will win the day in the end
you shall not triumph over me
as the child David
took a stone in a sling
and slew a giant
so my hand
and the hand of One
who is stronger
will hold the sword
that will slay you
:iconsongs-of-flight:songs-of-flight 0 7
Venom's Hold On Me
release me
chains coil around me
like snakes
my eyes stare at the sky
my corrupted skin
is burning
:iconsongs-of-flight:songs-of-flight 3 0
You'll Never Know
give me back my dignity
you'll never know
all that you stole from me …
my peace
my safety
my human dignity
you'll never know
the curse your touch
burned into me
you'll never know
I carry the scars
from your sin
and you …
you live in ignorance
of all that your selfish acts
have done to me
the poison that your touch
inside me
the ways your touch
tore through me
all that you did to me
you'll never know
:iconsongs-of-flight:songs-of-flight 1 0
Less Than Zero's Prayer
tell me again
tell me that I'm not
so low
far beneath
with a worth below
I still live and die inside
believing that I am
less than zero
:iconsongs-of-flight:songs-of-flight 0 2
this poison
burning inside me
burning across my skin
destroying me
Your touch upon my heart
upon my soul
White Light
pouring through me
destroying my enemy
:iconsongs-of-flight:songs-of-flight 0 0
Too Much
it screams
all around me
a cacophony of sight
lines and shapes
all battling each other
a war that's never won
all around me
get me out of here
but there's nowhere else to go
because this crowded room
is, for awhile, my home
:iconsongs-of-flight:songs-of-flight 1 4


Follow The Sun
There is no light stronger than the Sun.
Follow The Sun
and no shadow of yours will ever catch you.
:icondraganthemighty:DraganTheMighty 117 79
No Man's Sky by KuldarLeement No Man's Sky :iconkuldarleement:KuldarLeement 5,853 185
Paper aeroplanes
Dreams must be light,
like the paper aeroplanes children make,
so that they do not crush when they fall.
:icondraganthemighty:DraganTheMighty 207 46
Pegasus by GaudiBuendia Pegasus :icongaudibuendia:GaudiBuendia 1,290 23 sparrow archer by GaudiBuendia sparrow archer :icongaudibuendia:GaudiBuendia 1,755 63 Peach dragon by GaudiBuendia Peach dragon :icongaudibuendia:GaudiBuendia 1,380 30 Grape dragon by GaudiBuendia Grape dragon :icongaudibuendia:GaudiBuendia 2,786 80 Cherry Dragon by GaudiBuendia Cherry Dragon :icongaudibuendia:GaudiBuendia 1,555 51 Raspberry dragon by GaudiBuendia Raspberry dragon :icongaudibuendia:GaudiBuendia 7,953 283
forever yours, always
The world can stop revolving; the universe could stop working
The world can just stop now; and I wouldn't change
The world can do what it wants; I will always feel the same
The world can try; it won't change my heart
The world can do this
The world can do that
It won't change how I feel
It won't change how I stand
The world will do this
The world will do that
It can try
It will fail
I won't change
My heart will stay the same
There it will stay
In your palms
Forever yours
The universe could stop working; the world may stop revolving
The universe could just stop now; I still wouldn't change
The universe could do what it wants; I will still feel the same
The universe could try all it wanted; my heart is eternally yours
The universe could do that
The universe could do this
It will never change me
It will never change my heart
The universe may do that
The universe may do this
It may do
It will always fail
It won't change
My soul will stay the same
There it remains still
In your arms
:iconthemono:themono 16 1
Violet Hill by w-i-s-h Violet Hill :iconw-i-s-h:w-i-s-h 344 103 I Love You Stamp by MissBezz I Love You Stamp :iconmissbezz:MissBezz 4,227 546 Venetian Gold by sambees Venetian Gold :iconsambees:sambees 7,317 325 002 - Supply by ChocoAng3l 002 - Supply :iconchocoang3l:ChocoAng3l 6 7
Random Ramblings while Riding
Random Ramblings while Riding down the Road
Precipitous peaks peer patiently over
the humble hills huddling harmlessly close by
fading fast as I fly fearlessly along
the frenetic four-lane freeway
determined to deliver myself directly to
the doorway of the domicile
of my darling daughter
:iconmeatlast:MeAtLast 2 0
A pain that slips
beneath my skin
stiffening it from within;
piercing my nose
until it cries;
pinching my ears
until they rebel, then finally secede;
squeezing my fingers
so tightly that
they refuse to obey my commands
turning my toes
into wooden blocks which
trip me up as I shuffle along.
And yet
the cold air
creates a magical cloud
each time I exhale
and tints my cheeks
a beautiful rosy red.
It lifts my spirits
with hints of
waiting for me
somewhere just ahead.
:iconmeatlast:MeAtLast 3 2



Today I lost my job.
I had a dog on the grooming table and was adjusting the grooming arm with the collar on it (before putting the collar on) - and the dog backed up and fell right off the table onto its back.

Thank God the dog didn't break its back and seemed to have no broken bones. It survived. Thank God.
But I still cried for about an hour after it happened ... in front of coworkers ...

What a sweet dog it was ... I'm just so sorry that it happened and so glad that the dog is alive and seems to have no broken bones (it was standing up and walking around afterwards). I'm terrified that the dog might have been hurt even though it didn't seem to be.

I resigned before they could fire me.
Walking away from the grooming table with a dog on it is an automatic termination, and though I didn't walk away from the table and I was within arm's length of the dog, I took my hand off the dog's back for a split second to adjust the attachment to the grooming table so that I could get the safety collar / groomer's helper collar on the dog, and the dog scooted itself off the table before I could get the groomer's helper collar onto it. I feel terrible. I'm not sure when I'll ever feel better again, and I have no idea what I'll do for a job after this. But I'm so deeply thankful that the dog is okay.

A job ... finding a boyfriend on a dating website ... those things can sort themselves out ... but thank God that dog is alive - and I pray that it is not hurt.


Flight is freedom
United States
I am an AMK (adult missionaries' kid) who grew up in the Philippines. It was an amazing place and time and had a significant role in shaping the person that I am today. I still kind of consider myself as belonging to that country even though I live in the U.S.

I am currently in the process of moving forward toward various goals to try to minister to victims of sexaul abuse. I am writing songs, a book of poetry, and a novel on this topic. I feel such a deep calling in this direction. I want to help them.

Current Residence: in a land far, far away
deviantWEAR sizing preference: small
Favourite genre of music: dark rock (just The Rasmus, in that category ;)), alternative rock, Celtic, classical, techno, etc.
Favourite style of art: Pre-Raphaelite, Impressionism, Italian Renaissance, collage/decoupage, etc.
MP3 player of choice: iTunes/iPod
Favourite cartoon character: Shuurei Kou, Ahiru of Princess Tutu, Harima Kenji of School Rumble
Personal Quote: Life is a strange and beautiful mystery.


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